Hunter - August 11, 2007

This was the weekend to decide the kitchen, and we did. But we changed the look completely which of course added alot of $$ to it. But Leslie likes the garnet glaze! yea!!! I do too. We picked the cabinet style and covered all the bases. We laid out the kitchen at the house and it looked nice. The porch is now up, again yea, but there are lot of issues. Least of which something fell on the deck and broke part of it. And there are alot of serious issues

  • facia color is wrong, it has PINK
  • post not centered over concrete supports
  • left cherry brace has a rotten hole in it
  • right cherry brace is split causing splinters and is twisting
  • deck got cracked from something dropping on it.
  • Valley rafters look miscut
  • great room left corner post cut 5/8" too short
  • color of wood is terrible. Its been exposed to the elements for months
  • facia's of porch does not line up with main house. This is really bad
  • side of porch has no support for a facia. Also really bad
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