Hunter - July 26-27, 2008

A 2 day extravaganze. The Maia's came up on Saturday, along with the Larissa clan. We were to meet at hunter at 2pm. We first stopped at Ghent to get some white oak (finally) and wood for the 1/2 wall upstairs. Of course they messed up the order and they didn't even have the red oak planned. It was hot. And when we arrived there was this smell... the bear got some deer in the corner. Not pretty. But the girls had a great time in the creek, even though someone (I won't say who but you can easily figure it out if you know them) got a cut. We built most of the remaining furniture, and we told the girls to make a bed. Guess what, only Anna knew how to make a bed and it was perfect. The other girls were almost clueless. Sad. We came back on Sunday because there is still alot to do. It rained hard that night and the creek was running strong. Water everywhere so it was good. Paul needs to do more. And the hot water smells to high heaven. Henry says its the actual water. My experiments proved otherwise. Lets see how this ends.

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