Hunter - Sept 5, 2011

The aftermath of hurricane Irene. It was the ran, not the wind. Many utterly devestated towns, Prattsville washed away. All those tiny bridge we see that go to peoples homes, gone. How will people get to thier homes? These are poor communities. Its like a war zone. There are National Guard everywhere and military trucks. If you lived within 15 feet elevation of a creek, you are in real trouble. Otherwise you are ok. But our creek has changed tremendously. Giant boulders (room sized) are tossed about. And not uniformly. It looks like at a race track and there is a car acccident and all the other cars pile up at that spot. There are broken trees everywhere in the creeks, all pinned agaisnt other trees. And all the shores, once covered with lush green leepy moss, are stripped bare. Just the raw red earth and rock. Not pretty.

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