The Japan Trip - Oct 12 - Oct 21, 2019

After all thee years, we finally did it, But what an ordeal. We made the rservations on July 31 (someones birthday). Butlow and behold, a typhoon hit Japan on the day we are supposed to go. A Saturday 11am flight from JFK (a good price btw). We get an email from Japan Airlines at 3am saying the flight is cancelled. No hope of getting on another flight, no further information from them. Crazy. And all flights are cnacelled to Japan. Nothing available until wednesday. And the return is Sunday which means we die of jet lag and have no time for any of the cities, etc.. Disaster. And Isabel is already in Japan. She arrived the week before (her 3rd time?) She wanted to visit places further south. We can't just abandon her. So we decided to fly to Hong Kong, spend a day or two and then to JApan. Whenver flights open up. And extend the vacation a few days on the tail end. So Saturday morning we booked an entire new Japan vacation. Flight was at 7pm. Almost same price. Nice

Hong Kong
Osaka Kyoto Monkey Forest Tokyo Kyoto Golden Palace

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