The Grand Canyon Trip - March 11-19, 2017

We always wanted to take a RV tour of the West's parks. Fly to Las Vegas, rent the RV and drive around. We though it would be cheaper and easier. When this trip became a real possibility, we started researching this. Turns out its not much cheaper, maybe even more expensive (with gas) and its harder. You have to reserve RV sites to park at, to dump waste, etc... and those are few in number and already reserved. So it became as much a hassle as getting hotels, and hotels make your bed. Additionally we were warned that some parks have such winding roads and steep roads that RV's of a certain length are not allowed. And the RV's we wanted were at least that size. Easy choice. In any event the trip was just great. Everyone played nice and driving around was fun. I would galdly do it again and want to.

The Week
Getting There
Hoover Dam
Meteor Crator Petrified Forest Sedona Valley Sedona Red Rocks Little Colorado River

  Desert Tower View Road to Mather Point Mather Point The South Rim West Little Colorado Gorge Dinosaur Tracks Marble Canyon
  Horseshoe Bend Bryce Canyon Mossy Cave Zion Entrance Zion Mountain Zion Narrows Las Vegas

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